MARIN LEPORE is a screenwriter and activist who aspires to work on TV shows for kids and teens. She grew up in Colorado, and lived in Beijing from 4th-10th grade. After studying at the Colorado Film School, she completed a Film/TV BFA at the University of Colorado, Denver.

As a gay woman of color, Marin is passionate about LGBT, POC, and minority representation in film. She's the co-founder of Sad Girl Productions, a film production company that creates diverse, inclusive, female-centric stories; her award-winning, multi-season, comedy webseries "I Put the Bi in Bitter" being one of them.

Marin has spoken on filmmaking panels across the country, including Denver Comic-Con 2019, and ClexaCon 2019 and 2020. She was a board member for "Women in Film and Media Colorado" from 2019-2020. Recent press interviews include Tagg MagazineVoyage Denver, and The Wellness Project with Des.

With experience directing short films, webseries, and music videos, Marin is currently cooking up a children's animated TV pilot, as well as planning a personal feature-length documentary.

Besides film, Marin enjoys juggling, skating, playing violin, loving turtles, and eating Chipotle. Her favorite quote in the entire world is: "Before time flew it was an egg; going nowhere."




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